i-Concept Web ERP Features Highlight
1. Totally Web Solution
i-Concept Web ERP is designed for web-based users. You are able to manage the real-time operation of your company, no matter where you are. Users access the system through common web browser; There is no environment setting Only web-surfing port is used and no Java plugin is required. Our Web ERP adopts SSL transmission to provide secure communication. Our ERP bandwidth consumption is low compared with the systems those rely on remote desktop protocol. Therefore, i-Concept Web ERP is truely a Web ERP solution.
2. Multi-platforms
MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android break the monopoly of Microsoft Windows recently. We believe that is an irreversible trend, and multi-platforms system is essential for business. Traditional Microsoft exe program seems almost impotent in terms of multi-platforms. i-Concept Web ERP is enabled on the above platforms. The only requirement is a common browser, such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
3. Compatible Individual Modules
i-Concept Web ERP is divided into 9 modules: Sales, Product structure, Warehouse, Purchase, Job Planning, QC, Jobs Tracking, Delivery and Accounting. In addition, there is a system modules for setting basic information and users' rights. You can decide the module(s) you wish to buy and the sequence of their implementation according to your actual needs.
4. Customizable Solutions
We believe that each organization operates on a different scale, has its own industrial characteristics and a unique operations flow. Therefore, the best fit solution for you must be based on your real situation. i-Concept Web ERP is a highly customizable solution. Customization portals are reserved for you inside the underlying structure of i-Concept Web ERP so that appropriate changes can be made inside the portals to suit your real situation. This makes it easier to fast-track the implementation process.
5. User-friendly Interfaces
We believe that a good system design is one which users can manipulate just by "common-sense", thus, the design of i-Concept Web ERP is based on this understanding. You will never be tormented by staff turnover and the problem of new staff wasting time and energy in mastering the system. Simply by “common-sense”, new users will be able to cope with 80% of the whole system.
6. Flexible definition of Users' Rights
Central user authorization management is carried out only by the system administrator (SA). However, the scope of each user's individual authority is arranged by the SA so as to give maximum freedom to users, and will include the right to: open an interface, read & save data, grant right of approval … etc. Thus, you can establish a set of operation rules for your company after adopting the i-Concept Web ERP system. Staff can work under the set workflow scheme effectively.
7. Management-orientated design
i-Concept Systems Limited is different from other IT companies, we employ both IT and Management experts. Therefore, we are fully aware of what the needs of management are. Please remember: “To be the most useful management tool” is the aim of i-Concept’s system development.
8. No Client Side Installation
System Update is centralized. No update package is required to install. It avoids the problem from MS Windows compatibility.
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