Cyber Secuirty Service - Penetration Test
Penetration Test Service
Penetration Test is responsible by a group of hacking experts, each team member is experienced with attack and defence exercises. They also simulate various situations that may be happened in hacking attacks for customers to understand the potential threats of their network systems. The expert team plans the penetration test content based on their previous hacking experiences assisting with a wide range of hacking software and technologies to check the strength of network security, the environment of the network system and the current status of the network, as well as find out vulnerabilities among the system and provide patches for the vulnerabilities.
Certification of the expert team
OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)
Test Procedures
Reviewing environment
Check all devices linked to the network system in an on-site investigation, obtaining clients’ consent on doing penetration tests and customise a penetration test for every client. Implementing penetration test
Carry out the penetration test based on the customised plan to investigate the entire network system and search out some potential threats and vulnerabilities. Generating report
Write a report depends on the penetration test, including the vulnerabilities and risks of the network, as well as the patches.
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